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 Donate Today so We 

 Can Maintain Our Roads! 

Yes on T for Transportation in Madera County is a privately funded, grassroots committee of community volunteers coming together to spearhead this effort. Because a 66.7% YES vote is required to win this election, a strong campaign is essential. We must rely entirely on private contributions to get our message out to voters with mailers, signs and other campaign materials. Join our growing list of contributors in supporting Measure T to maintain our roads without increasing taxes.

If you can donate by check, please click here to download and complete a remit form that can be mailed back to:


Yes on T for Transportation in Madera County

1787 Tribute Rd, Suite K

Sacramento, CA 95815


Note: Donor's Employer and Occupation information are required by campaign finance laws for contributions of $100 or more.

As a reminder, political contributions are not tax deductible.

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