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 Vote YES on T: 

 Maintain Madera County’s Roads 

Vote YES on T to renew local transportation funding in Madera County without increasing taxes.


For over 30 years Madera County communities have depended on Measure T for repairing potholes, roads, sidewalks, bridges and highways.


Measure T improves safety for drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists and students traveling to and from school. It reduces traffic congestion and helps seniors and people with disabilities remain independent.

Measure T helped Madera County qualify for $226,000,000 in state and federal matching funds that would otherwise have gone to other communities like Los Angeles and San Francisco.


Measure T is now set to expire. Voting YES on T renews this funding without increasing taxes.


Without Measure T, Madera County loses $12 million in annual transportation funding and becomes dependent on Sacramento and Washington DC for road improvements.

Vote Yes on T to:


Fix potholes and keep local streets, highways and infrastructure in good repair


Pave and maintain local streets and roads


Improve traffic flow and safety


Provide students with safe routes to school


Keep transit affordable for students, seniors, veterans and people with disabilities

Measure T requires strict accountability:

  • An independent citizens’ oversight committee, annual audits and public spending disclosure ensure funds are used properly

  • All funds must stay here in Madera County for local transportation improvements only

  • No funds can be taken by the State

  • Essential purchases like groceries and prescription medicine are exempt from sales tax so the cost isn’t a burden to those on fixed or limited incomes


Madera County’s population has nearly doubled over 30 years. YES on T provides the roads and highways needed to prevent traffic, protect our quality of life, and ensure firefighters, paramedics and police officers can respond quickly to 9-1-1 emergencies.


Yes on T brings $600 million in state and federal transportation matching funds to Madera County instead of going to other communities.

 Vote Yes on T to support local transportation without increasing taxes. 

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